घर भयपट मनोरंजन बातम्या 'डार्क मधील टोरी सांगायला' हेलोवीनसाठी बॅक इन थिएटर आहे

'डार्क मधील टोरी सांगायला' हेलोवीनसाठी बॅक इन थिएटर आहे

by वेलन जॉर्डन
काळोखात सांगायची भीतीदायक कथा

काळोखात सांगायची भीतीदायक कथा is headed back to theaters this weekend in celebration of Halloween.

संचालक आंद्रे एव्हरेडल shared the news on his Facebook page just a few minutes ago with the following post.

भयानक कथा was a fan favorite this summer earning over $94 million in the worldwide box office. The film is based on the popular काळोखात सांगायची भीतीदायक कथा books by Alvin Schwartz who repackaged creepy folklore and legends into three fantastic collections featuring the unsettling artwork of Stephen Gammell.

The film was produced by गिलर्मो डेल टोरो (Hellboyपाणी आकार) from a script which he co-wrote with Kevin and Dan Hageman.

Set in 1968, the film focuses on a group of teenagers who find a legendary book filled with scary stories penned by the mysterious Sarah Bellows. Little do they know that opening the book will set its power free, unleashing monsters and other horrors that will stop at nothing in their bid to destroy the group and their town one story at a time.

It was a smart, sometimes frightening film that drew upon Gammell’s drawings to bring some of our childhood fears to life. It is easily one of the finest examples of a horror film that bridges the gap between youth and adulthood, and is definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

The news comes after the film was made available on digital streaming and on demand services this week.

Check your local theater listings for showtimes and enjoy your last chance this year to enjoy the film in theaters!

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